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Wednesday, 16th June

08.00-09.00 Registration Desk Open  
09.00-09.30 Opening Ceremony - Chair: Margarida Meira
Suzanne Bakker (President of EAHIL)
Isabel Mota (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian)Full Text
António D'Orey Capucho (Mayor of Cascais)
09.30-10.15 Opening Lecture - Alexandre Quintanilha Abstract  
10.15-10.45 Opening of the Exhibition Area and Poster Session (more information)  
10.45-11.00 Coffee Break  
11.00-11.30 Plenary Session 1 - Chair: Isabel Andrade
Plenary speaker - António Vaz Carneiro

11.30-13.15 Parallel Sessions A  
Theme: Evidence-based practice Theme: Health and Biomedical Informatics Theme: User Statistics
Chair: Guillemette Utard Chair: Arminda Sustelo Chair: Oliver Obst
Room: Auditorium Room: Blue Room: Yellow
First steps towards an Italian clinical guideline database.
R.R. Cammarano, C. Di Benedetto, L. Felici, P. Roazzi, M. Della Seta (Italy) Abstract Full Text

NHS Evidence: kidney diseases and male urogenital disorders: search strategies for annual evidence updates.
Elinor Bastin (UK) Full Text

A method for critical appraisal and evaluation of "clinical decision support databases for the practice of evidence-based medicine".
Mariann Lund (Norway)

Limbs and Spills: the use of a Clinical Librarian in supporting Orthopaedics Surgeons in the research process.
Janet Harrison, Vera Beraquet, Renata Ciol, César Pereira (UK) Full Text
Improvement of search experience based on MeSH semantics: recent innovations in MEDVIK portal.
Filip Kriz, Ondrej Horsak, Lenka Maixnerova, Helena Bouzkova, Eva Lesenkova (Czech Republic) Full Text

MorphoSaurus: a modern multilingual information retrieval system in action.
Ulrich Korwitz (Germany) Full Text

The state of the information infrastructure supporting Evidence Based Veterinaty Medicine: a comparison with human medicine.
Lorraine Toews
(Canada) Full Text

Statistics management in the virtual library "Bibliosaúde"
M. Sobrido Prieto, M.C. Rodríguez Otero, U. Gutierrez Couto, J. Osorio Calles, A. Cibeira Badía, C. González Guitian (Spain) Full Text

Building a One Medicine / One Health Library Perspective with the views from veterinary and health sciences library users.
Esther Carrigan, Derek Halling, Christine Foster, Michael Maciel (USA) Full Text
Best Oral Presentation

The e-journals and their statistics: as broad as it is long?
Sílvia Sastre Suárez, Virgili Páez Cervi, Elena Pastor Ramon, Rámon Ordóñez Nievas, Maria Costa Marín (Spain) Full Text

Usage data analysis for supporting decisions in LIS management Miranda Giovanna, Francesca Gualtieri (Italy) Full Text

13.15-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Parallel Sessions B
Theme: Information Literacy I Theme: Health Technologies Assessment Theme: Health Librarians in the 21st Century I
Chair: Patricia Flor Chair: Tony McSean Chair: Ghislaine Decléve
Room: Auditorium Room: Blue Room: Yellow
An Information Literacy Strategic Project implementation at Universidade Nova de Lisboa: case presentation.
Maria Manuela Prates, Isabel Andrade (Portugal)
Full Text

Hitting high: advocating the power of knowledge to the core of the organisation.
Alison Little, Jo Marsden (UK) Full Text

Library in your laptop: the subject librarian's role in supporting online learning.
Fiona Brown, Marshall Dozier, Sharon Boyd, Jo-Anne Murray (UK) Full Text

Library users training videos: a new way to teaching and learning.
Angels Carles-Pomar, Ana Castellano (Spain) Full Text

The Menu - not to eat but good to digest - How to improve hospital staff information literacy.
Marie Källberg, Anneli Mindemo, Barbro Wiström, Natalia Berg, Maria Asberg (Sweden) Full Text
The role of the information professional in supporting the production and review of the technology appraisals at the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE).
Caroline Miller, Daniel Tuvey (UK) Full Text

What can the CRD database interface do for you?
Kathleen Wright (UK) Full Text

The Central Library's contribution to Hospital based Health Technology Assessment.
Anna Balduini, Giovanni Guido Guizzetti, Paolo Lago, Moreno Curti (Italy) Full Text

Skills and knowledge required by the Twenty First Century health information professional.
Karen Davies (USA) Full Text

Educational needs and self-perceived skills of teaching librarians: a comparative Polish-Norwegian study.
Barbara Niedzwiedzka, Irene Hunskar (Poland/Norway) Full Text

Leading the Royal College of Nursing eHealth Programme.
Jackie Cheeseborough, Angela Perrett (UK)
Full Text

Is there a role for medical librarians in the "brave new world" of systematic review development?
Jarmila Potomkova, Pavel Geier, Janusz Feber (Czech Republic) Full Text

The health librarians' multi-skills approach in in-site training and education: the experimental support activity carried out in a training course targeted to the advancement of diagnosis and research.
Salvatorica Masala, Elisabetta Piras, Giovanna Mulas Pietro Ruiu, Laura Lanza, Guido Sanna, Patrizia Gradito, Cristina Ferri, Aldo Marongiu (Italy) Full Text

16.00-16.15 Coffee Break
16.15-18.15 Parallel Sessions C
Theme: Health Librarians in the 21st Century II
Theme: Library Spaces and Places Theme: Preservation and Memory
Chair: Didar Bayir Chair: Paula Saraiva Chair: Manuel Montenegro
Room: Auditorium Room: Blue Room: Yellow
Gaining and keeping a higher profile - Developing a new "corporate" Clinical Librarian role.
Louise Hull (UK) Full Text

Sailing in the research activity of Italian biomedical libraries: the Bibliosan analysis.
Saba Motta, Franco Toni , Luisa Fruttini, Moreno Curti (Italy) Full Text

Health Librarians in Second Life (SL): new roles and competencies.
Hesham Azmi (Qatar) CANCELLED
New Library and Health Sciences Information Centre in Lithuania.
Meile Kretaviciene (Lithuania) Full Text

Following the paths of library users in redesigning library spaces.
Derek Halling, Christine Foster, Esther Carrigan (USA) Full Text

Reflections on space: UCD Health Sciences Library.
Peter Hickey, Kathryn Smith (Ireland)
Full Text

Library design: an overview of best practice in library architecture worldwide
Karen M. Smith, John A. Flannery (UK)
Full Text
The OIE is digitising its archives and placing them online.
Marie Teissier
(France) Full Text

Romanian and Universal Medicine in old collections. A view of the digital world in the central library of the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Bucharest.
Gheroghe Buluta, Crina Mihailescu, Octavia-Luciana Madge (Romania) Full Text

Your digital library is my digital library: providing access to free digital collections online.
André Rodrigues P. Silva (Portugal) Full Text

Developing a preservation plan for Veterinary House Organs.
C. Trenton Boyd (USA) Full Text

Mass digitization of a monograph-collection.
Friedhelm O. Rump (Germany) Full Text
Theme: Library Management
Chair:Antónia Pereira
Room: Auditorium
To build a county-wide hospital-library.
Helena Kettner Rudberg (Sweden) Full Text

Comparing the effectiveness of alternative investigation methods for library environmental evaluation.
Nancy Durieux, Françoise Pasleau (Belgium) Full Text

The Andalusian public health system virtual library: four years on.
L. Muñoz-Gonzalez, V. Juan-Quilis (Spain)
Full Text

19.00- ... Welcome Reception (at the Hotel Palácio do Estoril)

Thursday , 17th June

08.00-09.00 Registration Desk Open  

Plenary Session 2 - Chair: Pirjo Raijakiilo

Plenary speaker 1 - Karen Buset - Use Web 2.0 to learn Web 2.0 - develop competences for the next generation library. Full Text

Plenary speaker 2 -
Liz Brewster - "Read this, it's good for you!": using qualitative methodologies to explore service user needs and strategic aims. Full Text

10.00-11.00 Forum - Chair: Margarida Meira
Theme: World Forum Cooperation: Health Information in Portuguese speaking countries

  WHO - Health Information and Libraries in Africa.
Flatiel Vilanculo (Mozambique) Full Text
  ePORTUGUESe Project: Coordination.
Regina Ungerer (WHO) Full Text
  ePORTUGUESe Project: Brazilian perspective.
Eliane Pereira dos Santos
(Brazil) Full Text
  ePORTUGUESe Project: Portuguese perspective.
Filipa Pereira (Portugal) Full Text
11.00-11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-13.00 Parallel Sessions D
Theme: Emerging Technologies and Tools Theme: Scholarly Publishing and Open Access
Chair: Guus Van den Brekel Chair: Arne Jakobson
Room: Auditorium Room: Blue
RSS feeds and Mashups as supporting tools for the scientific information retrieval in academic libraries.
F. Rump, A. Kossovoi (Germany) Full Text

Searching library Website at the time of Web 2.0: who does what? How FAQs can play a central role in retrieving basic information.
Cristina Mancini (Italy) Full Text

Medical Information Library & Knowledge: MILK or discovery of scientific information on health through social labeling: Connotea and CiteUlike.
Julia Alonso-Arevalo, Helena Martin-Rodero, Carlos Lopes, Maria Garcia-Puente, Angels Carles-Pomar (Spain) Full Text

Health Sciences Library 2.0 at the Hospital Universitario La Paz.
María Luisa Maquedano Martínez (Spain) Full Text

HAL : from 2001 A Space Odyssey to the French national open access platform.
Guillemette Utard
(France) Full Text

Multidisciplinary Writing Club in an NHS Trust .
Pip Divall, Louise Hull, Sarah Sutton
(UK) Full Text

Mission possible: the role of university libraries in 21st century scholarly communication in Hungary.
Gyongyi Karacsony (Hungary) Full Text

Training in scientific writing and Open Access publishing in Europe and Latin American countries: common goals in different scenarios.
Paola De Castro, Elisabetta Poltronieri, Daniela Marsili, Eloy Rodrigues, José Carvalho, Ricardo Saraiva, and the NECOBELAC Working Team (Italy) Full Text

Supporting nurses towards publication: the librarian’s role.
Tatjana Petrinic (UK) Full Text

Development of a Digital Repository Prototype applied to Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon.
Sílvia Lopes, Pedro Faria Lopes, Fernanda Campos (Portugal) Full Text
Best "EAHIL First Time" Oral Presentation

13.00-14.00 Lunch  
15.00-... Library Tour - Visit to the Rococo library, the highlight of the Mafra National Palace, a Baroque and Italianized Neoclassical palace-monastery.  

Friday , 18th June

08.00-08.30 Registration Desk Open  
08.30-09.30 Plenary Session 3 - Chair: Muriel Haire

Plenary speaker 1 - Blair Anton - An Embedded Informationist Service Model: expertise follows electronic resources wherever patrons are. Full Text
Plenary speaker 2 - Tamas Doszkocs - Integrating Semantic Search, Federated Search and Biomedical Knowledge Base Technologies for Improved Services by Medical Libraries.  
09.30-10.30 DEBATE - Chair: Manuela Prates
Theme: The Future of Libraries

Suzanne Bakker (The Netherlands) - The future of libraries
Bruce Madge (UK)- The future of libraries: a debate
José Borbinha (Portugal) - We are now all librarians Full Text
Armando Brito de Sá (Portugal) - The Knowledge Community Full Text
Andrew Booth (UK) - Future of Libraries Black, Future of Librarians Bright Full Text
10.30-10.45 Coffee Break
10.45-13.15 Sponsor Session - Chair:Henri Verhaaren Blue Room
Elsevier Scopus by Eduardo Ramos
Health Sciences e-books on ScienceDirect and Brain Navigator by Eduardo Ramos  
ProQuest Deep indexing of medical journals by Jody Burton (Publisher Health Sciences and Life Sciences) 
AAAS/Science What is new in Science and what is next big thing in science? by Kiki Forsythe (M.L.S. Publisher Relations, e-Resourses Specialist)
Ebsco Generation Library solutions by Licia Marques (EBSCO Portugal Sales Controller)
Wolters Kluwer OVID Integration of the electronic medical record and the Library's electronic resources by Donna Flake (Library Director of Robert M. Fales Health Sciences Library, SEAHEC, Wilmington, NC USA)
Faculty of 1000 Faculty of 1000: the experts' guide to the best in biomedical literature by Georg Reimer (Sales Executive)
  Nature Publishing Group
Promoting science and medical communication by Sharlene Chiu (Corporate Marketing Manager)
12.15-13.15 Empowerment Session Chair: Noémia Canas
Theme: Web 2.0: the empowerment of the Librarian (and the User)
Lecturer: Guus Van den Brekel Full Text
13.15-14.15 Lunch  
14.15-14.45 Plenary Session 4 - Chair: Helena Donato

Plenary speaker - Sheila Corrall - Positioning the Health Librarian as a Blended Professional: a framework for development. Full Text
14.45-16.45 Parallel Sessions E  
Theme: Bibliometrics Theme: Information Literacy II
Chair: Maurella Della Seta Chair: Jarmila Potomkova
Room: Auditorium Room: Blue
Health sciences research in Finland 2003-2005: a comparison between the special government transfer (EVO) points and levels of evidence.
Helena Tähtinen, Päivi Rautava and Risto-Pekka Happonen
(Finland) Full Text

Use of World Health Organization publications in Russian medical and public health journals: a citation analysis.
Tatyana V. Kaigorodova, Ekatherina I. Zimina, Elena V. Kirsanova, Alexey I. Ivanov (Russian Federation) Full Text

Should era of the impact factor end in Hungary?
Anna Berhidi (Hungary)
Full Text

Web services for bibliometrics.
Isabel de Kaenel (Switzerland)
Full Text

Bibliometric diagnosis in public health research.
Elzbieta Rys (Poland)
Understanding the unique needs of immigrant populations: a new challenge also for biomedical libraries in Italy.
Ivana Truccolo, David Wiljer, Anila Kardhashi, Michela Florio, Maurella Della Seta, Francesca Zanini, Daniela Capone, Paolo De Paoli (Italy)
Full Text

Deepening our understanding of information behaviour in health librarianship: information literacy skills in praxis.
Ina Fourie
(South Africa) Full Text

Online library tutorials - opportunity to improve users' literacy.
Bogumila Bruc, Witold Kozakiewicz (Poland) Full Text

Supporting the health care professionals in evaluating the quality of health educational materials for patients as a new task for medical librarians in Poland.
Ewa Dobrogowska-Schlebusch (Poland) Full Text

Continuing Education/Professional Development for Information Literacy Teachers at the Helsinki University Library.
Tiina Heino (Finland) Full Text
16.45-17.00 Coffee Break
17.00-18.00 General Assembly + EAHIL Council Report
18.00-19.00 Awards & Closing Ceremony - Suzanne Bakker
20.00-... Gala Dinner

Saturday, 19th June

Post- Conference Optional Tours