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Scholarly Publishing and Open Access
1 Raquel Lavandera Fernández, Ricardo Onís Romero EU Polices and guidelines for Open Access in the health field. Best Poster Presentation Spain
2 Raquel Lavandera Fernández, Ricardo Onís Romero Institutional Biomedical Repositories in Europe. Spain
3 Jolanta Przyluska, Anna Radomska Environmental Cancer risk, Nutrition and Individual Susceptibility subject specific repository (ECNIS Repository). Poland
4 Ana Ivkovic, Sanja Antonic, Vedran Vucic Open Access in Serbia. Serbia
5 Francisco Fernández-Ordóñez, Pilar Toro-Sánchez-Blanco, Verónica Juan-Quilis HYPATIASALUD: institutional repository for the public health system in Andalucia, Spain. Spain
6 Claire Bundy Follow the Green Road to your Repository. UK
Library Spaces and Places
7 María García-Puente Sánchez Web 2.0 in the library: new tools for the new library. Spain
8 Ilona Kauce, Ingrida Holma Library physical space: just a launching pad : experience from WHO Depository Library in Latvia.
Best "EAHIL First Time" Poster Presentation
9 Monica Ortolan, Donata Pieri, Pierangela Mazzon, Laura Meggiorin, Michele Visentin BiblioCult: new life in library. Italy
Health Librarians in the 21st Century 10 Jo Marsden Developing an outreach service. UK
11 Jolanta Ciesla, Marcin Stasiak, Urszula Zdeb, Barbara Niedzwiedzka The profile of a teaching librarian in Poland: results of a survey conducted among health librarians. Poland
12 Elinor Bastin NHS Evidence - kidney diseases and male urogenital disorders: collaborations UK
13 Herminia Arrazola The development of a medical library Spain
14 Susana Henriques Fulfilling the needs of our users - new challenges / new opportunities Portugal
15 Irene Hunskår, Regina Küfner Lein, Frøydis Løken From librarian to teacher - how big is the step? Norway
16 Sam Martin Challenges in supporting BMJ Evidence Centre products in the 21st Century: an information specialist case study UK
Emerging Technologies and Tools 17 Cristiane de Oliveira Selecting a digital library software for multilingual collections at WHO Library Switzerland
18 Tuulikki Airaksinen, Kirsi Salmi Short-cuts to cooperation: using web 2.0 tools for hospital clinic acquisitions Finland
19 Claudia Leuker, Maurella Della Seta Ethicsweb - Inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science Germany
20 Virgili Páez Cervi, Elena Pastor Ramon, Silvia Sastre Suárez, Ramón Ordóñez Nievas, Maria Costa Marín The virtual health sciences library from the Balearic Islands: a regional project for librarian cooperation Spain
21 Elena Pastor Ramon, Virgili Paez Cervi, Silvia Sastre Suárez, Ramón Ordóñez Nievas, Maria Costa Marín Centralized management of subscriptions and access to the e-journals of the virtual health sciences library of the Balearic Islands Spain
22 Ramón Ordóñez Nievas, Virgili Paez Cervi, Elena Pastor Ramon, Silvia Sastre Suárez, Alejandro Bosch Fitzner, Maria Costa Marín Creation of the centralized document supply service of the virtual health sciences library of the Balearic Islands Spain
23 Gaétan Kerdelhué, Jean-Baptiste Lamy, Alain Venot, Catherine Duclos, Stéfan J Darmoni An iconic language for the \"CISMeF Bonnes pratiques\" website France
24 Annarita Barbaro, Donatella Gentili, Monica Zedda Web 2.0 tools as a chance to reach current and potential users Italy
25 Scilla Pizzarelli, Luisa Leone, Corrado Di Benedetto The WP4 forum experience within the ETHICSWEB Project Italy
Evidence-based Practice 26 Jaana Isojärvi, Leena Lodenius Is the built-in Medline RCT filter sufficient when searching for evidence? Finland
27 Marli van Amsterdam-Lunze Supporting evidence-based health care : the role of the information specialist at the Health Insurance Council (CVZ) of the Netherlands Netherlands
28 Elinor Bastin A literature review on the information needs of urology nurses UK
Health and Biomedical Informatics 29 Gaby Caro HINARI: Increasing awareness in Eastern Europe Switzerland
30 José-Manuel Estrada, Ana Barderas, Concepción Campos, Isabel Mtinez-Hervás, Juan Medino, Concha Muñoz, Blanca Novella, Olga Reillo, Maria-José Toledano, Teresa de la Torre Training in information health sciences search: are tutorials useful? Spain
31 Teresa Matamoros-Casas, José Carrión-Pérez, Francisco Alvarado-Gómez Towards the Integration of Metalib, Sfx and Papi: how to change your Metasearcher transparently to the user Spain
Information literacy 32 Ann de Meulemeester, Stefan Gulinck, Henri Verhaaren Information behavior of first years undergraduates Belgium
33 Roberta Sato, Donata Pieri, Francesca Chinaglia, Stefano Lovison, Mariasilvia Bellotti, Pierangela Mazzon, Laura Meggiorin, Monica Ortolan, Annamaria Soldera, Raffaella Palma, Elisabetta Marinoni Library and Plagiarism: who is the winner? Italy
34 Robert Taylor, Esther Carrigan Assessing the information needs of newly qualified veterinarians UK
35 Ina Fourie Health librarians modelling information literacy behaviour: improved practice of what is preached and feeling where it hurts South Africa
36 Paola De Castro, Federica Napolitani, Anna Maria Rossi, Sandra Salinetti Towards information literacy: managing citation skills and improving correctness in the publication process Italy
37 Maria Cristina Barbaro, Cecilia Bedetti, Cosimo Marino Curianò How a research institute can improve teaching science at school for the benefit of public health Italy
38 Pilar Serrano-Gallardo, Cristina Escudero-Gómez, Montserrat Solís-Muñoz, Mercedes Martínez-Marcos Using scientific information resources accessible through Internet attributed to a subject on Research Methodology Spain
Preservation and Memory 39 Rosalia Ferrara, Donatella Gentili, M. Alessandra Falcone, Ornella Ferrari, Paoma Ferrari, Maria S. Graziani, Maria Grazia Corsi, M. Letizia Putti Rare Books from print to online: a project of the Library of the Italian National Institute of Health Italy
40 Clarys Lheureux Plan for the shared conservation of periodicals in the medical libraries of the 20 french comprehensive cancer centers France
41 Federica Napolitani, Cecilia Bedetti "I beni storico-scientifici dell-Istituto Superiore di Sanità": a series of publications aimed at preserving the Institute's history Italy
42 Juan de La Camara, Beatriz Muñoz, Francisco Osorio, Maria Garcia-Puente Blogs of the hospital librarian: to be or not to be on the web? Spain
43 Lourdes Mariño Gutiérrez, Joan Ferrán Martínez-Navarro The Unit of History of Public Health's Documentation in Spain Spain
44 Nathalie Berriau French documentary partnership and psychiatry : the case of the Documentary network in mental health ASCODOCPSY France
45 Silvia Molinari MeSH That Speaks Italian Italy
User Statistics 46 Justyna Seiffert, Wioletta Dyjas Measuring library information services by sampling method. Poland
47 MMar Pérez-Hidalgo, Pilar Toro-Sanchez-Blanco, Teresa Matamoros- Casas, Juan Hernandez-Morales, Isabel Montes-del-Olmo, David Novillo-Ortiz, Dídac Margaix-Arnal, Verónica Juan-Quilis Digital inmigrants and digital natives expectation collection in the Andalusian public health system virtual library Spain
Library Management 48 Juan Medino-Muñoz, Eulalia Grifol-Clar Balanced Scorecard: an evaluation tool for measuring library quality Spain
49 Maria Ana Cosmelli Carvalho
Innovation as a strategy for academic libraries to survive disruptive change Portugal
50 Pilar Roqué-Castellà Quality management system in a health library: customer service charter Spain
51 Verónica Juan-Quilis, Raquel Lavandera-Fernandez, Virgili Paez-Cervi, Monserrat Salas-Valero, Laura Muñoz-Gonzalez, David Novillo-Ortiz. Pablo Rivero-Cote, Jose Martinez-Olmos National Health System Virtual Library Viability Project (Spain) Spain
52 Juan De La Camara, Beatriz Muñoz-Martín, Francisco Osorio-Calles, Francisco García-Ull Importance of scientific journals in the accreditation process of Medical Teaching Units in Spain. Spain