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How to reach Estoril

The Estoril region is served by Lisbon International Airport, located 30 kilometres away. All major international airlines land and are represented here.

Aerobus (From airport to Cais do Sodré railway station):
The Airport is located about 7 kilometres from the City centre. You can get a taxi (approximately 10.00 Euro) or catch one of the buses (Aerobus) which depart from outside Arrivals / Departures. Tickets cost 3.50 euros, (and are valid for 24 hours on the buses and trams). The service runs 07:00 to 23:00, every 20 minutes. It makes quite frequent stops along the journey, at most of the squares on the way. The terminus is Cais do Sodré, which is the train station to Estoril. You can purchase your ticket from the driver, who also validates it for you.

A comfortable railway line connects Lisbon and Estoril. Trains depart from Lisbon's Cais do Sodre station every twenty minutes to Cascais, stopping right at Tamariz at the Estoril station. This takes about thirty minutes and it costs 1.70 Euro. Trains are punctual, safe, air-conditioned, and comfortable and boast light background music to soothe the passenger. The view of the coastline from the train is magnificent and is always pleasing and surprising. Trains between Estoril and Lisbon only stop between 02h00 and 05h30.

From Lisbon, the centre of the Portuguese motorway network, there are clearly signposted slip-roads leading to Estoril motorway. The A5 (to Estoril and Cascais) passes through the interior, through an area with a high population density and provides, above all, a fast route from the capital. A5 motorway charge tolls, 1.25 Euro each way, and tollgates are clearly indicated. The coast road, the "Marginal", provides a much more pleasant, albeit slower journey along the Estoril coast which should not be missed.

Taxi services operate around the clock. A taxi ride from Lisbon airport to Estoril costs approximately 35.00 Euro. When taking a cab, try to enquire about the price to your destination first. Save your receipt and check if the licence plate matches the receipt details.

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