Travel to Seville

There are several possibilities for coming to Seville:

byplane       Seville Airport (SVQ) Although it is the most suitable option, there are not many connections. The distance to the center of the city is approximately 20 km. The price for a taxi is 25 € but you have also the option of taking a bus at a lower price. Link: See Seville Airport
Malaga Airport (AGP)

The biggest airport in the south of Spain, which offers a wide range of connections. Link: See Malaga Airport

You can reach Seville by train. Beforehand, you will have to take a train from Malaga airport to Maria Zambrano station in Malaga city. From Maria Zambrano station there are trains to Seville every two hours approximately. In case there is not availability you can catch a bus, see

Jerez Airport (XRY) It is a small airport but there are some interesting connections from UK from the price point of view. Link: See Jerez Airport. There are frequent direct trains to Seville from Jerez airport which last 1.30 h. approximately.
Madrid Airport (MAD)

This is the airport which offers more possibilities for travelling to Spain. Link: See Madrid Airport. From this airport there are two possibilities to go to Seville:

1) By train: From the Central Train Station (Atocha) in Madrid to Seville. The journey lasts 2.35 hours approximately.
2) By plane, there are several flights per day.

Faro (Portugal) Airport (FAO) The International Airport at Faro handles a large number of flights from the UK and from various other European Countries. Link: See Faro (Portugal) Airport. The easiest way to travel from Faro Airport to Seville is by car.
bytrain       Renfe The Spanish railway network connects all main towns and cities in the country. The high speed railway infrastructure is remarkable and it is easy to get most cities of Spain by train.
Please visit the following link: See Spanish railway network
Railway discount 30% price discount for all the trains arriving at Seville Santa Justa station!! Ask for your bonus once you are registered !
bycar       Instead of using the train you can come also by car. Seville is well connected by highway with almost every city in Spain:
From Madrid Take A5 and A66 (approximately 4h 30min – 5h 00min): See route from Madrid
From Malaga Take A-92, (approximately 2h 30min): See route from Malaga
From Jerez Take AP-4 (approximately 1h 10min): See route from Jerez
From Faro Take A-22 y A-49 (approximately 2 h): See route from Faro
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