EAHIL Workshop
2001 Cyberspace Odyssey
Alghero, Sardinia, June 7- 9, 2001

Oral Communications

Opening Session
Chair: Valentina Comba

Keynote lecture
Silvio Henin (Milano, Italy)

From number crunching to information technology and beyond.
The Librarian as gatekeeper for scientific information
Chair: Tony McSean
Invited speaker:
Karla Soares-Weiser (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Doctors and Librarians - how can Evidence-Based Medicine promote partnership?

L. Nordheim, S. Gimse (Oslo, Norway) Developing Information services to promote evidence-based practice in Norway: the librarians' role in multidisciplinary teams.
M. Monik, C. Wickman (Stockholm, Sweden) Criteria for quality assessment of medical information resources.
J. Marshall (Victoria, Australia) E-Health: Opportunity or threat to the medical library profession?
Chair: Jenni Tsafrir
U. Korwitz (Köln, Germany) Building up the 'Virtual Library in Medicine' in Germany.
A. Yeoman, C. Urquhart, J. Cooper, A. Tyler (Aberystwyth, UK) Evaluating virtual outreach services: the VIVOS project experience
P. Gradito, L. Pitaro, M. Bucciarelli, R. Ciappelloni, L. Doglione, L. Fruttini, L. Lazzari, L. Lombardi, A.M. Marino, E. Piras, M. Sigon (Naples, Italy) Sharing resources at national level for veterinary information.
Resources on the Internet
Chair: Fanny Ribes-Cot
Invited speaker:
Bruce Madge (London, UK)
The Cyberspace Odyssey - A Hitchhikers Guide to the Net?
B. Toth, J.A. Muir Gray, V. Fraser (Birmingham, UK) Establishing the national Electronic Library for health.
M. Curti, V. Pistotti, G. Gabutti, A. Zeccato, C. Tinelli, K. Klersy (Pavia, Italy) The electronic edition of scientific journals may influence the determination of their Impact Factors?
A. Rozic-Hristovski, D. Hristovski, L. Todorovski (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Discovering patterns in library website usage: a data mining approach.
P. Gardois (Turin, Italy) Measuring the performance of a biomedical digital library: web site, e-journals and databases.
G. Miranda, J.Ginestet (Milan - Montpellier) E-preprint: a scientific publication evolution or revolution?
M.a Jesus Garcia Mateu, T. Sanchez Sanz (Valencia, Spain) Internet subjects gateways knowledge organisation systems evaluation.
The remote user
Chair: John Eyers
Invited speaker:
Dave Nichols (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Applications of Computer Supported Cooperative Work for Libraries.

V. Fraser, B. Gann (Winchester, UK) We never close: twenty four hour knowledge in a twenty first century health service.
E. Veronesi, L. Lazzari, P. Civardi, M. Boccato (Brescia, Italy) Self-training in the use of the Internet and Databases within the Context of a Biomedical Consortium.
D. Bogliolo (Rome, Italy) Information based systems, knowledge based systems and Artificial Intelligence in the learning library.
A. Poyner, A. Wood (Tiptree, UK) Distance learning project: supporting flexible trainees in psychiatry.
L. Pitaro, L. Fruttini, L. Lazzari, L. Morotti (Naples) The L-Project: Local Information Worldwide. An applied project for dissemination of scientific contributions produced by Italian authors in Veterinary Sciences and Agriculture and its integration with international information sources.
D. Lombello, G. Visintin (Padua, Italy) A distance learning experience for school librarians.
Closing Ceremony
Chair: Laura Cavazza
Invited speaker:
Fiona Godlee (London, UK)

Biomedical research on the Internet: divorcing selection from publication.