Information based systems, knowledge based systems and Artificial Intelligence in the learning library.

Domenico Bogliolo
CICS - Università di Roma La Sapienza 
Città Universitaria - 00185 Roma (Italy)

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1. Beyond the implementation of the digital library, the learning library allows a high quality tacit knowledge transfer from author to reader through the explicit knowledge as structured in a document. Knowledge based systems are geared to build a "short circuit" between the author's and the reader's tacit knowledge since the creation of a document. These systems are built to operate without the intermediation of an information system but with the intermediation of information experts together with information technology (IT) esperts.  These systems would require a more advanced and "intelligent" use of artificial intelligence (AI) than it is available nowadays. 
2. In this context, traditional and advanced applications of AI in libraries such as ontologies, expert systems, intelligent agents, data mining etc. are here reviewed and evaluated. 
3. Furthermore, new guidelines to built a knowledge based system in the bio-medical field are outlined.