Instructions for Presenting Authors

Updated 15 June 2006

The Scientific Programme of the Conference has been finalized and completed with the colleagues chairing the oral sessions.
The Programme and Abstracts brochures are in the process of being edited and ready to be sent to the printer by the end of June.

The Conference Proceedings will include the full text of all the papers presented in the plenary, parallel and poster sessions of the 10th EAHIL Conference. They will be published online in PDF format immediately after the conference. All the presenting authors are requested to submit the full text of their paper before 31 July 2006. Please find below the instructions for submitting the full text of your paper:
- All the papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, Times Roman 12, single spaced, Left justification.
- The Title, Authors, Affiliation and References sections follow the same style as for the abstract, see the Template.
- The full text should be clearly structured into sections, e.g. Introduction, Material, Methods etc. The titles of the sections should be in bold sentence case, subsections (if any) in italics. Do not number the sections.
- Tables and their captions should be inserted in the text and numbered with Roman numerals.
- Figures and their legends should be inserted in the text and numbered with Arabic numerals. All the figures should also be sent as separate files, preferably JPG format, 300 dpi.
- Since the full texts will be published online, there is no strict limitation regarding the length. However, they should not exceed 6000 words.

Please send the full text of your paper as an e-mail attachment to the Conference organizers, Ioana Robu ( and Sally Wood-Lamont (

Oral Presentations

Plenary sessions
There will be 6 presentations divided into 3 plenary sessions of one hour each, which will take place in the main auditorium of the Conference Center. Each plenary speaker will have 30 minutes for the presentation and for questions / discussion.

Parallel sessions
There will be 52 presentations divided into 4 parallel sessions, 3 60-minutes sessions and one 90-minutes session, see the Scientific Programme. Every speaker will have 20 minutes for the presentation and for questions / discussion, therefore please time your presentation so that it does not exceed 15 minutes!
All the speakers will be contacted in due time by their respective session Chair in order to plan their session in detail. Please follow the instructions of your colleague chairing your session.

All the four rooms for the parallel sessions, which include the main auditorium, will have fast Internet connections (optic cable and wirelss) and presentation equipment - computer, screen and screen projectors, pointers, microphones, flip charts and/or blackboards. The standard software provided is essentially Microsoft Office. Technical assistance will be provided for each room. Authors will be able to test their presentation beforehand in a special test room. Please let the organizers know if you have special requirements for your presentation by 31 July 2006. We may not be able to fulfill requests received after this date!

Poster presentations

The size of a poster board will be 940 x 1040 cm, portrait orientation, raised at 30 cm from the floor level. The boards are double sided and provided with a pocket for handouts. The poster board surface will only allow sticking, not pinning; blue-tack for attaching your poster to the board will be provided.
- When designing your poster please take into account that margins of at least 10 cm should be allowed.
- Place the title of your paper prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your paper easily. Indicate the title and the author(s) names of your paper. Highlight the author's name and address information, in case the viewer is interested in contacting him/her for more information.
- Prepare the text, as well as all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly beforehand, in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1.5 meter. The type should be at least 1.5 cm high.
- Provide A4 size handouts.

The poster session will open on the first day of the Conference, Wednesday 13 September, at 12.00. The time for putting up your poster is on the same day, between 9.00 – 11.00. By then you will have received a number for your poster, which will be clearly marked on the poster board and also used for identifying your poster in the Programme.

For any further details regarding the presentations please contact the Conference organizers.