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8th International Congress on Medical Librarianship, July 2000

Continuing Education Programme

The CE programme will take place over the two days before the Conference begins - Friday 30th June 2000 and Saturday 1st July 2000. There will be a mix of half-day, one-day and two-day courses at different venues. Location details will be provided for registered participants.
Please note that we reserve the right to alter details or cancel any event in this listing up to 6 weeks before the event.
30th June and 1st July

Building and Managing the Digital Library: Concepts, Strategies, Case Studies and the State of Digital Libraries Today and Tomorrow (two-day course)
MLA-Accredited course
Define a vision for your digital library and its information services that will guide its ongoing development. Examine various strategies for managing your DL and its content and services. Examine various methods for fostering, evaluating, selecting and providing access to Internet-based resources. Consider many of the important issues facing DL designers today, including working with vendors, publishers, parent institutions and consortia of institutions, access control, licensing and copyright.
Trainer: Scott Garrison, Head, Systems Interface Services, Duke University Medical Center Library, USA
Location: Central London Cost: £200 + VAT

Friday 30th June 2000

Supporting Evidence Based Healthcare : Search Skills (half-day - afternoon)
Intensive session on the skills needed to locate research evidence, such as the use of methodological filters.
Trainer: Staff from the Information Resources Department of the University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research
Location: Central London Cost: £50 +VAT

Teaching skills for librarians (one day)
User education or information skills teaching expertise is of growing importance. Changes in medical, nursing and allied health education offer increasing opportunities for innovative information skills teaching by library staff. This course will help to develop skills to support this work through a mixture of formal presentations and workshop sessions.
Trainer: Jean Yeoh, Education & Training Librarian, St George’s Hospital Medical School, London
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Innovation at work (one day)
A challenging one day course offering innovative approaches to problem solving.
Participants will practice individual and group techniques to encourage innovative thinking at work to help staff to unlock their own creativity and therefore respond positively to change.
Library Association Developed Course
Trainer: Beryl Morris, Hudson Rivers
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Leadership (one day)
Examines current leadership issues facing senior library and information managers and identifies ways in which you can develop practical leadership skills to deal effectively with challenging situations and capitalise on the strengths of your team to obtain the best performance possible.
Library Association Developed Course
Trainer: Roger O’Connell, LevelHeaded
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Benchmarking for LIS: tools & techniques (one day)
The need for effective ways of evaluating service strengths, weaknesses and quality is essential to health libraries in any setting, particularly in the dynamic environments in which health libraries operate today. The issue, challenges and opportunities related to implementing successful benchmarking or evidence-based librarianship in the health library setting will be reviewed and discussed.
Trainer: Judy Inglis, Director, J.W. Crane Memorial Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

A Symposium on the impact of Genomics on Health and Healthcare Libraries (one day)
The current explosion of genetic information is profoundly affecting all healthcare disciplines. New information resources are being developed including sequence, structure and mapping databases. This symposium is designed to improve librarian’s basic understanding of genomic information resources and to promote their exploitation. Attendees will gain an appreciation of the current status of the Human Genome project, developments in information science, the current and future impact on medical practice and current ethical debates. The symposium is being hosted by the Wellcome Trust.
Facilitator: Frank Norman, National Institute for Medical Research
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Animal Health Information (one day)
An interactive session covering recent developments in the animal health and veterinary information landscapes. Innovative services will be demonstrated, including Vetgate, the animal health section of BIOME, a UK-based resource discovery project.
Trainer: Tom Roper, Librarian, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Saturday 1st July 2000

Supporting Evidence Based Healthcare : Critical Appraisal (Half-day – morning)
An intensive session to enable librarians/information professionals the skills and knowledge needed to support the retrieval of good quality studies.
Trainer: Staff from the Information Resources Department of the University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research
Location: Central London Cost: £50 +VAT

Supporting Evidence Based Healthcare : Preparing an evidence digest (Half-day – afternoon)
An intensive session which will demonstrate how librarians can use searching and critical appraisal skills to produce a digest of evidence on a topic and teach the basic skills required.
Trainer: Staff from the Information Resources Department of the University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research
Location: Central London Cost: £50 +VAT

Consumer Health Information (One day)
One day workshop on current developments in consumer health information
with the opportunity to visit the National Centre for Health Information Quality and the new 24 - hour NHS Direct health information and nursing advice call centre.
Trainer: Bob Gann, Director of the Centre for Health Information Quality
Location: Winchester. Cost: £50 +VAT
(Participants will need to make their own travel arrangements to Winchester.)

Internet – Developing Countries (One day)
This course will provide an overview of the Internet/WWW covering background, basic applications, resources and organisation. It is particularly aimed at users and potential users from developing countries. There will be an opportunity for more experienced users to look at web site design and publishing on the web. It is very much a hands-on course!
Trainer: Lenny Rhine, Health Science Center Library, University of Florida and Elizabeth Connor
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT
(Sponsorship may be available for this course)

Mentoring and Coaching Skills (One day)
Mentors advise, teach, encourage and above all help those they mentor to develop the confidence and sound judgement which all employers want their staff to display. Mentoring is increasingly being seen as an important part of good management and as a supplement to professional education and training. This event is suitable for managers who are considering introducing mentoring schemes and for people who wish to be good mentors.
Trainer: Dr Gill Burrington
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

New Ways of Working (One day)
The EU Directive on working hours has forced employers to examine the working practices in their organisations. Employment law terms and conditions vary throughout the world but with the impact of new technology there are the opportunities for staff to work more flexibly to suit both individual and organisational needs. This course will look at the different options available to cope with all these developments and will challenge the assumption that we all need to be in the office to do our jobs.
Library Association Developed Course
Trainer: Peter Firkin, Continuing to Learn
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT

Financial Management (One day)
An introduction to financial and business concepts which will clarify how budgeting and professional roles can be integrated in the modern organisation. By the end of the day participants will, amongst other aspects, be able to understand the financial planning processes of organisations, understand and use basic financial jargon, understand the purpose and uses of Service Level Agreements and internal trading (cross charging) arrangements and use budgeting principles in designating financial categories and targets.
Library Association Developed Course
Trainer: Larraine Cooper, The Larian Consultancy
Location: Central London Cost: £100 +VAT



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