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European Association for Health Information and Libraries
Association Européenne pour I'Information et les Bibliothèques de Santé


Forthcoming Events

5-11 May 2000, Vancouver, Canada
MLA 2000 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting & Exhibit

For further information: http://www.mlanet.org

2-5 JULY 2000, LONDON, UK

(incl. 7th ECMHL EAHIL Conference and many other conferences!!)
See also: http://www.8icml.org

13-18 August 2000, Jerusalem, Israel
66th IFLA Council and General Conference
"The people of the book invite the keepers of the book."
For further information: http://www.ifla.org/IV/ifla66/66intro.htm

16-22 October 2000, Brighton, United Kingdom
The Information Age, Challenges and Opportunities
The Special Libraries Association Second Worldwide Conference on Special Librarianship.|
For further information: http://www.sla.org

7-9 June, 2001 Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
EAHIL workshop

Check EAHIL-home page (http://www.eahil.net) and discussion lists (EAHIL-L@spriwww.spri.se) for further information and announcements

Giovanna F. Mirandatop

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