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Dear Colleagues / Chers Collègues,

For this issue I am presenting two different aspects:
1) a European overview and a list of interesting topics from the States. For the latter, we are indebted to Donna Flake who has asked our Editor to include her contribution.
2) An interesting paper on Internet: about 85% of users use search engines to locate information but search engines may not index new pages for month and no engine indexes more than about 16% of the web!

Pour ce numéro, je vous présente deux aspects différents:
1) une vue Européenne et une liste de sujets d'intérêt venant des Etats-Unis. Pour cette dernière, nous devons remercier Donna Flake qui a demandé à notre éditrice d'inclure sa contribution
2) Un article intéressant sur Internet: environ 85 % des utilisateurs utilisent des moteurs de recherche pour localiser leur information mais ces moteurs de recherche peuvent ne pas indexer de nouvelles pages pendant un mois et aucun moteur n'indexe plus de 16 % de la Toile!

Giovanna F. Miranda
Co-Editor & Publications


Since the Newsletter of May 1999, the following journal issue of Health Libraries Review has been received: vol. 16, 1999, no. 2

  • S. Rose: Editorial p. 71
  • A. O'Rourke, E. Dolman, N. Fox, P. Lane and C. Roberts. The Wisdom Project: virtual education in primary care. p. 73-81.
  • V. Monaghan and K. Misso. Evidence into practice: an information service for primary care professionals. p. 82-88.
  • J. MacDougall. Community access to health information in Ireland. p.89-96.
  • L. Cawthra. Older people's health information needs. p.97-105.
  • M. Sergison. Skill mix in primary care-creating a bibliography. p.106-111.
  • E.J. Matthews, A.G.K. Edwards, J. Barker, M. Bloor, J. Covey, K. Hood, R. Pill, I. Russell, N. Stott, C. Wilkinson. Efficient literature searching in diffuse topics: lessons from a systematic review of research on communicating risk to patients in primary care. p.112-120.
  • Innovation on the Internet.
  • B. Anagnostelis Series Editors. p. 121
  • M. Montague and A. Tomlin. Primary Care Sharing the Evidence (PRISE) project website: bringing high-quality information to primary health care teams.
  • D. Husband, M. Montague and J. Barker. A checklist for clarifying issues in working with primary care. p. 125
  • A. McIntosh. Designed to care: the Scottish perspective on primary care in the new NHS. p. 127
  • T. Roscoe. Do PCGs need information officers? p. 129
  • R. Marriott. Providing library support for the development of clinical guidelines. p. 132
  • Sixth European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 22-27 June 1998. p. 134
  • Seamless Information: supporting the interface between health and social care. IFM Healthcare Study Day, British Medical Association, London 17th July 1998. p. 136
  • Research (J. Farmer and D. Williams) p. 137


The Medical Library Association publishes numerous booklets and brochures on important issues in the field of health sciences information management. Below is a list of Books, DocKits, BibKits, Standards and Other Publications. Unless otherwise indicated, materials may be ordered from the Medical Library Association. More complete information on many of these publications, as well as full ordering information is available at: http://www.mlanet.org/order/catalog.html.


La Medical Library Association (MLA) publie de nombreux pamphlets et brochures sur des sujets importants dans le domaine de la gestion en bibliothéconomie médicale. Ci-dessous se trouve une liste de livres, manuels de documentation, manuels de bibliographies, standards et autres publications. A moins d'être indiqué autrement, tous ces documents peuvent être commandés à la MLA. Une information plus complète sur ces publications ainsi que les formulaires de commande peuvent être obtenus sur le site www.mlanet.org/order/catalog.html


Current Practice in Health Sciences Librarianship (8 volume series)

Volumes 1-6 can be ordered from Scarecrow Press, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706, USA.

Volumes 7 & 8 can be ordered through the Medical Library Association

Volume 1: Reference and Information Services in Health Sciences Libraries. M. Sandy Wood, editor , 1994. ISBN #0-8108-27654 $41.50

Volume 2: Educational Services in Health Sciences Libraries. Francesca Allegri, editor, 1995. ISBN #0-8108-3004-3 $31.00

Volume 3: Information Access and Delivery in Health Sciences Libraries. Carolyn Lipscomb, editor, 1996. ISBN #0-8008-3050-7 $39.50

Volume 4: Collection Development and Assessment in Health Sciences Libraries. Daniel T. Richards and Dottie Eakin, 1997. ISBN #0-8108-3201-1 $47.50

Volume 5: Acquisitions in Health Sciences Libraries. David H. Morse, editor, 1996. ISBN #0-8108-3052-3 $39.50

Volume 6: Organisations and Management of Information Resources in Sciences Libraries. Laurie Thompson

Volume 7: Administration and Management in Sciences Libraries. Rick Forsman, 1999.

Volume 8: Health Sciences Environment and Librarians in Sciences Libraries. Lucretia W. McClure. 1999.

Alternative Medicine Resource Guide. Francine Feuerman and Marsha J. Handel, 1997. ISBN #0-8108-3284-4 $49.50 (can be ordered from Scarecrow Press)

Ethnic Minority Health: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography. Craig Haynes, 1997. ISBN #0-8018-3225-9 $65.00

Health Statistics: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide to Information Resources, 2nd Edition. Frieda O. Weise, editor, 1996. ISBN #0-8108-3056-6 $42.00 (can be ordered from Scarecrow Press)

Informed Treatment: Milieu Management in Psychiatric Hospitals and Residential Treatment Centres. Nancy Britton Soth, 1997, ISBN #0-8108-3202-X $55.00

Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences, 3rd edition. Fred W. Roper and Jo Anne Boorkman, 1994. ISBN #0-8108-2889-8 $37.00 (can be ordered from Scarecrow Press)

Library Services in Mental Health Settings. Mary E. Johnson, editor, 1997. ISBN #0-8108-3306-9 $42.00 (can be ordered from Scarecrow Press)

Managing Public Access to Microcomputers in Health Science Libraries. Gale G. Hannigan and Janis F. Brown, 1990. ISBN #0-8108-2436-1 $38.00 (can be ordered from Scarecrow Press)


Communication Sciences and Disorders: Annotated Bibliography, Guide to Resources. Item #5361-01 $25.00

A Guide to Information Resources in Respiratory Care. Item #5361-02 $38.00

Osteopathic Medicine: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Literature. #NB-3 $25.00


Professional Position Descriptions in Health Sciences Libraries (Rev. 1996). Item #5345-00 $36.00

Evaluation Instruments for Health Sciences Libraries. Item #5350-00 $50.00

Collection Development Policies and Procedures in Health Sciences Libraries. Item #5350-10 $40.00

Paraprofessional/Technical Position Descriptions in Health Sciences Libraries. Item #5350-20 $49.00

Descriptive Floor Plans of Computer Centres in Libraries. Item #5350-30 $33.00

Library Logos: Bookmarks, Guides, Business Cards, Mastheads and Letterheads. Item #5350-40 $30.00

World Wide Web and Other Internet Information Services in the Health Sciences: A Collection of Policy and Procedure Statements. Item #5350-50 $36.00

Electronic Searching of the Health Sciences Literature: Examples for End-User Searching. Item #5350-60 $46.00

Policies for Visitors to Health Sciences Libraries. Item #5350-70 $31.00

Accreditation and the Hospital Library: Information Management Plans, Assessment Tools. Item #5350-71 $60.00

Informatics in Health Sciences Curricula. Item #5350-72 $35.00

MLA Standards and Other Products

Standards for Chiropractic College Libraries, 1996 Item #5352-00 $14.00

Standards for Hospital Libraries, 1992 Item #5330-00 $17.00

Health Sciences Librarian Compensation: Results of MLA's 1995 Salary Survey, 1994 Item #5323-00 $65.00

Copyright Law and the Health Sciences Librarian, 1989 Item #5342-00 $20.00

Challenge to Action: Planning and Evaluation Guidelines for Academic Health Sciences Libraries, Item #5331-00 $10.00

Step One: Survival - MLA's Librarian Survival kit, Item #5320 $35.00

A Code of Ethics for Health Sciences Librarianship, Item #5018-25 (Size 81/2 x 11 and suitable for framing) $11.00

1998/99 Directory of the Medical Library Association, Item #5450-00 $155.00

MLA News
MLA News, Subscription $61.50 per year
Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, Subscription $174.00 per year


Compétences émergentes en information et documentation. Résultats de l'enquête de l'UR-ESID - 1997-1998. V. Hadengue-Dezael. Documentaliste- Sciences de l'Information 1999;36(3):186.

A medical library's role in Web Development in an academic environment. M. L. Just et al. Internet Reference Services Quarterly 1999;4(1):53.

Accessibility of information on the web. S. Lawrence and C. Lee Giles. Nature 1999;400:107.


....... Web-based

HIV- AIDS Thesaurus. This thesaurus is part of a European project, sponsored by the Commission of European Communities. It has been established by a working group made up of European AIDS librarians and information scientists. The thesaurus serves as an indexing and research language for EDOA, the European database on AIDS. It is available in six other languages (Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).

The working group is looking forward to receiving comments and suggestions on the thesaurus and wish that we assist in its dissemination by making people aware of its existence. The thesaurus and the database are available on the Internet: http://www.edoa.org

Eco-Santé OCDE 99. This software enables you to consult the OECD Health Data. The database contains 760 series, or more than 240,000 figures on the health systems in the OECD countries. For further information: http://www.credes.fr/ecosante/ocde.htm


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins announce that it will be introducing a special section in their web page dedicated to their library customers. You will find journal prices, information on periodicals and books, access to electronic journals, instructions to authors, etc. http://lww.com

Ovid Technologies announce that it has reached a licensing agreement with the British Library's Health Care Information Service to offer its AMED Database. AMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine) covers a selection of journals in complementary medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, podiatry, palliative care. In addition to basic bibliographic information, many records for articles published from 1995 onwards have abstracts. The AMED thesaurus is based on MESH indexing terms. http://www.ovid.com

SILVERPLATTER - INVERT is now in the SilverPlatter ERL co-publication program. The INVERT database covers the nursing periodicals in Dutch, the database is published by the library of the St-Elisabeth' Health Department of the Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen (Belgium) together with IVS and SilverPlatter. It includes the literature published in Dutch and Flemish nursing journals and provides entries to more than 50 journals and newsletters from 1993 on. Every year about 2000 references are added to the database. Each entry consists of a full bibliographic description with annotations about the nature of the article and details about various kinds of information as illustrations, literature, forms, nursing care plans... included in the contribution. A comprehensive and controlled thesaurus can be used to retrieve articles by subject.

For more information:
Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen
Departement Gezondheidszorg
Sint-Elisabeth Herentalsstraat 70
B-2300 Turnhout
Tel. +32 14 412747 - Fax +32 14 425412 - E-mail bib.gzset@khk.be

Giovanna F. Miranda

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